Black judge, NAACP leader refuses to perform lesbian wedding, and libs go BERSERK

To liberals, there is no God but liberalism.

A Toledo municipal judge, and former president of the local NAACP chapter, is under attack from gay rights activists after having the nerve to cite his religious beliefs as a reason for refusing to marry a lesbian couple.

Activists such as Glenn Greenwald took to Twitter to call for the impeachment of Judge Allen McConnell after he released a statement on Wednesday explaining his decision to have the couple visit another judge for their wedding license.

“I declined to marry a non-traditional couple during my duties assignment,” McConnell said, according to the Huffington Post. “The declination was based upon my personal and Christian beliefs established over many years. I apologize to the couple for the delay they experienced and wish them the best.”

Despite the fact that the women were able to get married by another judge — and regardless of McConnell’s  history of liberal advocacy — outrage among the left was obvious on Twitter.

To the left, only 100 percent compliance with the “progressive” agenda is deemed acceptable. Any deviation, and the revolution apparently begins eating its own children.

In the meantime, advocates for religious liberty were quick to come to McConnell’s defense on social media.

McConnell said on Wednesday that he is awaiting a decision from the state Supreme Court on whethe he will be allowed to “opt out” of gay weddings moving forward.

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Michael Schaus

Michael Schaus

Michael Schaus is a talk radio host, political humorist, and columnist. Having worked in a wide range of industries (including construction, journalism, and financial services) his perspectives and world views are forged with a deep understanding of what it means to be an American entrepreneur.
Michael Schaus


36 thoughts on “Black judge, NAACP leader refuses to perform lesbian wedding, and libs go BERSERK

  1. KevinORay says:

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  2. Kenneth Clark says:

    Wow. He must be a “Trans-Conservative”.

  3. BigGaySteve says:

    Didn’t anyone tell him queens trump spades?

  4. gamalh says:

    Why do they persist in Trying to MAKE people do things they don’t want to?? Your rights end where mine begin. Mine end where yours begins.

    1. dark477 says:

      he’s a public servant which means he is obligated to do his job regardless of his personal feelings

      1. Eli Zoumboulis says:

        Judge Allen McConnell is a hero, we need more great people like him to take out the trash like you……Go Judge McConnell

        1. dark477 says:

          he’s an idiot who will either be fired or disciplined, either way he will face the consequences for his stupidity and it won’t be pleasant for him

          1. tbird90sc says:

            I wish more liberal democrats had his kind of moral fiber. This judge showed excellent judgement skills.

          2. MC Slammer says:

            You vile BIGOT! Did you succeed Robert Byrd as Grand Kleagle? I guess in your world black men are too stupid to make moral decisions. Evil racist!!

          3. dark477 says:

            f u c k off pig.

          4. john smith says:


          5. MC Slammer says:

            Look up sarcasm.

          6. Eli Zoumboulis says:

            God bless u…

      2. Independence_R_US says:

        So then you agree with folks being forced to do things that are objectionable because of religious reasons? So then we can make a Muslim do things that are against their religion as well. For they’re in the public realm. The same should be for gays. If I want an anti-gay marriage cake for an anti-gay marriage party then they should have to make & serve it.

        1. dark477 says:

          if it’s part of their job then yes go for it

      3. ChelynCS says:

        His feelings are not personal, his deeply held personal beliefs are protected by the Constitution’s 1st amendment right to freedom of religion, freedom from tyranny. It is not okay to violate his rights.

        1. dark477 says:

          no they aren’t. no one can refuse to to do their job by using religion

          1. ChelynCS says:

            That’s merely your opinion dark477. You’ve nothing to back your opinion.

          2. dark477 says:

            no it’s not, if you refuse to do your job you will be fired

          3. ChelynCS says:

            Read the Constitution please dark477

          4. dark477 says:

            I have and you have a gross misinterpretation of what freedom of religion mans

      4. SeRiOuSLy!!?? says:

        wrong, you can’t be forced to do something that violates your rights or breaks the laws. since this “law” was done illegally because the justice interprets law and doesn’t make it yet has been making laws under obama, makes it questionable. but following one’s conscience is 1st and foremost listed in the constitution….that’s how important it was/is considered. or as you may know it today as “religious freedom.”

        1. dark477 says:

          gay marriage is legal idiot and if this judge doesn’t like what he’s being asked to do then he must leave not refuse

          1. SeRiOuSLy!!?? says:

            you’re the idiot for not knowing the constitution. this is an illegal law and should be challenged, but you moron liberals don’t care that the law was broken and the constitution violated because you’re getting your way. just wait when the shoe is on the other foot and all this illegal activity is used as a president.

          2. dark477 says:

            this law is as valid Loving was

          3. SeRiOuSLy!!?? says:

            you just don’t get it do you! i’m not questioning the subject matter…i’m questioning how it was done. DO YOU GET IT NOW!!?? you are celebrating lawlessness because you got what you agree with, but at what cost? are rights are being taken over by an overreaching govt. if this is allowed to stand what will happen in the future? DO ANY OF YOU LIBERALS THINK ABOUT ANYTHING?

          4. dark477 says:

            we do we just don’t go for the kind of paranoia your side does

          5. SeRiOuSLy!!?? says:

            paranoia? how is it paranoia when the constitution is actually being violated and laws have been broken!? obviously NO YOU DON’T GET IT! there is a right way and wrong way and getting things done and a lot of whats been going on in the last 7 years has been the wrong way thats steadily been getting worse as time has passed. WHATS NEXT? what will the next president do using what obama and the justices have done as an excuse to do so? OBVIOUSLY I’M WASTING MY TIME…WE DESERVE TO FAIL AS A COUNTRY WITH THE LIKES OF PEOPLE AS YOU IN IT.

    2. ChelynCS says:

      Well put.

    3. john smith says:


  5. dejah thoris says:

    Oh yeah, the “libs” went berserk. What kind of cheap rag is this? It is only because he is black you are trying to make a case about this

    1. gamalh says:

      yeah so?? Isn’t that the norm nowdays?

  6. RetiredRailman-Nam-Vet says:

    I’ve always said “If you don’t like what’s in one store or restaurant, leave and go to another”… If you were raised in a Christian home and later after moving out decided to be a muslim you wouldn’t go to visit your parents and tell them they needed to serve what muslims eat, or wear what muslims wear when he/she was there. If your an atheist don’t go to a Christian Church and expect them to preach something for atheist. I’m not a gay but if I was I was raised to ask if someone would do something and if they said they’d rather not then I would have said thank you and moved on to someone who said they would. Everybody has their reasons or beliefs and I was raised to respect that and not force mine on them… I guess the atheist, gays, and blacks never learned something like that, they want everyone to conform to their sick ways even thou their a small percentage of this country.
    Oh, and I don’t capitalize muslim for a reason, a race that peaches to kill non muslim don’t deserve any respect, they can go kiss their camels a+s-hole..

  7. ChelynCS says:

    Civil rights is about discrimination against a race. Sexual preference is not the same thing as race. Refusing to do something against your deeply held belief is not discrimination, it is exercising one’s 1st amendment right to religious freedom against tyranny.

  8. john smith says:


  9. disqus_6XigZWFDMg says:

    To those who try to equate sexual preference with skin color, keep this in mind. If all light skinned people were to disappear, the human race would continue on this earth. However, if all heterosexuals were to disappear, the human race would cease to exist within a couple of generations.

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