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2 men tried to rob a dealer who sells MACHINE GUNS — only one made it out

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It’s quite a risk to break into a gun store, and that risk increases exponentially if the owner is still inside.

And when the owner is one of a select few authorized by the federal government to sell machine guns and short barrel shotguns, among other Class 3 Weapons, well …  you get what you bargain for.

Two unfortunate burglars tried to break into the Class 3 Weapons gun shop in North Houston around 1:45 a.m. Tuesday, never expecting the owner to still be in the store.

But he was, and local police say he opened fire on the suspects with a shotgun. One man was killed and the other was sent fleeing for his life, ABC 13 reported.

According to the Houston Chronicle, it was the second gun store hit this week.

“Every gun store owner probably needs to live in their gun store to protect it,” Jim Pruett told the Chronicle.

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Pruett, a former gun dealer, was robbed three times in five years.

“It is not if they are going to burglarize you, it is when,” he said. “These punks out there … they think it is easy money.”

One just found out that that isn’t always the case.

Tom Tillison


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