Spoiled starlet says she ‘hates America’ — and actor Rob Lowe isn’t buying her lame excuse

Former Nickelodeon actress and rising starlet Ariana Grande, caught on video telling her boyfriend she hates America, is trying to wiggle her way out of it, but  […]

Fox News producer SHAMES San Fran mayor, supervisors; ‘How many dead people does it take?’

What do spineless public officials do when confronted with the tragic consequences of their activist policies?

CNN’s Sanjay Gupta, former Hillary adviser, showing ‘Brian Williams Syndrome’

A CNN contributor and former Clinton White House fellow, who primarily worked with then-first lady Hillary Clinton, has been caught doing something the Clintons have turned into […]

Man dies lighting fireworks off his head; parents demand stricter fireworks controls

In what sounds like a parody of gun-grabbers’ arguments, parents in Maine are demanding stronger firework regulations after their son died over the weekend shooting off Fourth […]

WH briefing gets ugly when Earnest attacks GOP over race; gets social media SMACKDOWN

The extent to which the Obama administration loathes Republicans and the Confederate flag was made clear Thursday at the White House press pool. White House press secretary […]

Boy’s test demands definition of FAMILY; only a liberal could think he was WRONG

The Manson Family would have fit the bill.

Ted Nugent to DC political class: Prove Trump a liar, or shut up

Ted Nugent is letting the polical class have it — and he’s firing both barrels!

Carly Fiorina SHREDS Hillary’s CNN interview; she wasn’t asked about her failures!

When Hillary Clinton sat down with CNN for her first major interview since launching her campaign, she was asked about her issues with trustworthiness in relationship to […]

Trump unveils plan to battle ISIS: ‘Bomb the HELL out of those oil fields!’

Presidential contender Donald Trump might welcome the opportunity these days to talk about anything other than illegal immigration, but it doesn’t mean his words won’t be just […]

GOP cheers as far-left Florida Dem Alan Grayson declares for Senate: ‘Let this crazy bastard run!’

Ignoring the cold shoulder many in the Democratic Party have given him, Alan Grayson, the bombastic congressman from Florida, announced Thursday morning that he is running for the […]

2 men tried to rob a dealer who sells MACHINE GUNS — only one made it out

It’s quite a risk to break into a gun store, and that risk increases exponentially if the owner is still inside. And when the owner is one […]

Dem senator says PEOPLE don’t have First Amendment right to religion; social media erupts

Wisconsin Sen. Tammy Baldwin is living proof of why elected officials should be required to pass a basic constitutional exam before being allowed to step into their […]