Paula Deen skewered for brownface photo; have PC police lost their minds?

The PC police are again persecuting celebrity chef Paula Deen for sending out a tweet that some people believed was racist but others think was harmless.

And Deen’s reps say she didn’t tweet it anyway.

Deen’s Twitter account sent out a tweet Tuesday, that she subsequently deleted, of the celebrity chef  dressed as Lucy Ricardo from the classic sitcom “I Love Lucy” along with her son Bobby Deen dressed as Lucy’s husband Ricky Ricardo, complete with brown skin painted on and the caption “Lucyyyyyyy! You got a lot of esplainin’ to do!”

Deen is a target for the constantly offended ever since a deposition revealed in 2013 that she’d used the “n-word” in her past, and that she held a “slave-themed” wedding for her brother in 2007.

But her representatives said in a statement to People Magazine that Deen’s social media manager sent out the tweet without Deen’s knowledge and has been fired.

“Paula Deen’s Social Media Manager posted a picture this morning of Paula and Bobby Deen dressed in costume as Lucy and Ricky, from I Love Lucy,” the rep tod the mag. “This photograph is from a Halloween episode of ‘Paula’s Best Dishes’ that aired in 2011.

“Paula immediately had this picture taken down as soon as she saw the post and apologizes to all who were offended,” the statement continued. “As such, Paula Deen Ventures has terminated their relationship with this Social Media Manager.”

It is important to note that Ricky Ricardo did have brown skin so it would make sense for a pale person to tint a little to dress like him.

It’s also worth noting that people have been coloring their skin in costumes since time immemorial on Halloween and for costume parties, and no one seemed to have an issue with until the perennially aggrieved started getting so much attention.

The Twitterverse was split with their thoughts on the picture with some saying the tweet was racist while others saw the controversy as contrived.

Paula Deen Brownface Tweet

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