Oops! Hillary campaign scrambles to delete photo after noticing guy’s ‘controversial’ tattoo


Amid all the racial animosity that now defines America under the Obama administration, the Hillary Clinton campaign scrambled to delete a photo of the Democratic presidential contender shaking hands with an apparent white supremacist.

While Hillary was in New Hampshire on Friday, a photo posted to her Twitter account showed her shaking hands with a man outside an ice cream parlor — the unidentified man had a tattoo on the inside of his forearm that read “White.”

The post included a warm, fuzzy quote from the candidate about “connecting with friends.”


Photo Source Gateway Pundit

One of the first to notice the tattoo was Paul Gessler, a reporter at WBFF Fox45 in Baltimore:

And voila, the tweet disappears!

While it’s not known if the man is a white supremacist — the area Clinton was visiting is known for the White Mountains region mountain range — the campaign wasn’t taking any chances.

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who threatened 12-year-old Obama critic

But the Internet is forever, as seen above. Here are more takes of the photo:


Photo Source Gateway Pundit


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22 thoughts on “Oops! Hillary campaign scrambles to delete photo after noticing guy’s ‘controversial’ tattoo

  1. Jjb54 says:

    They (Dem’s) keep wanting to redact historical proof of their now small hate Blacks.

    .. Dems started and were key members in the KKK.
    ………… Yes they were, even SNOPES could not deny the Democrats were the authors of the KKK…. though they do try to ‘spin’ it with some … well … spin.

    Go ahead, Google it – I dare you all, especially the Liberals and Democrats.

    Then during the Civil Rights and segregation era – 1950’s – 1960’s the Dem’s fought hard to keep the “Blacks in check.” Again, Google this and see ….

    Now, even though I do not even remotely like the woman, Hillary; – I’m sure she had zero idea at first what was on the guys arm … until during or after the fact. We are all honestly on the slow side of observations when in situations like this. Awkward, seriously yes … but knowingly at first, as much as it pains me, I’m pretty sure it was not caught as soon as it should have been.

  2. Scan says:

    Which would have been worse for her; if she didn’t shake his hand because of the tattoo, or the fact that she shook his hand without noticing and stereotyping? I think she would have lost either way in someone’s opinion…Go America!

  3. Howie Waldman says:

    Hillary’s vanity license plate reads:

  4. John Campbell says:


    It’s official! Hillary is supported by white supremacists. Some things about the Democrat party never change. :o)

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