Narcissist who took selfie in front of disaster named Democrat Party Spokeswoman

A new spokeswoman for the Democratic National Committee ought to fit in perfectly speaking for the self-absorbed party, since she caused controversy earlier this year for taking a selfie at the scene of a disaster.

Christina Freundlich took the picture, with a big smile and a peace sign, in front of the remains of a building engulfed in flames after an explosion in New York’s East Village that left two people dead and more than two dozen injured, Fox News reported.

At the time, she was the communications director for the Iowa Democratic Party and had previously worked for the Obama campaign, according to Fox News.

Christina Freundlich Selfie

Freundlich released a statement Monday attacking Jeb Bush and identifying herself as “DNC Spokesperson.”

“When it comes to talking about the state of the economy, Jeb Bush can’t stop digging up the failed Republican ideas that just won’t die,” she wrote according to the Washington Free Beacon.

“His economic policies outline the same Republican failed policies of the past—signing massive tax breaks that favor the wealthy over the middle class, gutting investments in health care and job training while income inequality in Florida exploded.”

(Considering the stir her selfie caused, Freundlich might wanted to be more careful when she uses words like “exploded.”)

She identifies herself on her Twitter profile as “Southern Regional Press Secretary” for the DNC.

The choice was roundly mocked in the Twitterverse.


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