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DC residents call for racial revamp: Change name to ‘Black City,’ remove Jefferson Memorial, redesign American flag

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Welcome to President Obama’s post-racial America.

Taking their cue from CNN anchor Don Lemon, who suggested the day may come to re-think the Jefferson Memorial in Washington, D.C., some residents are calling for the landmark to be taken down.

But that’s not the half of it.

One resident is calling for renaming the nation’s capital to “Black City,” and another suggested that the American flag be redesigned — because George Washington and Thomas Jefferson owned slaves.

In a video posted on Monday, PJ Media’s Nicholas Ballasy asked locals about the recent controversy regarding the Confederate flag.

Most agreed that the flag should be removed from the public square, but one D.C. resident took it further when asked about the Jefferson Memorial.

“It should come down,” the man told PJ Media.

“If we do that, though, George Washington owned slaves,” Ballasy replied. “Should we rename Washington, D.C.?”

“You have to draw the line at some point, I guess,” the man said. “Maybe take a poll across the country and see what people think about it and if they want to rename the city, do it.”

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“I would support changing the American flag as well,” he added. “America is based on a lot of mass killings and slavery and the history is just – look at the Germans, they own up to the Holocaust, nobody is proud of their history.”

Comparing America to Nazi German is clearly a product of advanced education in America today.

As for renaming the city, another resident suggested “Black City” or “Mixed City” as alternatives.

As great a sign as you might wish to see proving that elections do indeed have consequences.

Tom Tillison


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