Anti-gun lady mad at JC Penney for craziest thing, media slobbers all over it

“Suns out, guns out” is a well-known phrase. It’s a reference to showing your muscles in a sleeveless tank top. But one anti-gun activist and mother feels differently.

Enter Rita Richardson, of Sebastian, Fla., who saw the tank top in a JC Penney circular.

“I did a double take when I saw the ad for this shirt right on the front page,” she told WPTV in West Palm Beach.

JC Penney

Never mind the fact that the shirt has nothing to do with firearms, Richardson called the local news and is now asking JC Penney to remove the shirt from shelves.

“I just thought it was sad that a major retailers like JC Penney would want its brand associated with something that advocates, glorifies gun violence,” Richardson told WPTV.

JC Penney has yet to respond for comment, probably because the shirt has nothing to do with weapons.

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Lauren Cooley

Lauren Cooley is a conservative commentator, columnist, and consultant. She speaks nationwide about bias in higher education and political issues impacting young adults. Follow her on Twitter: @laurenacooley
Lauren Cooley


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