WH says US not victim of cyber attack; public unconvinced after all United planes grounded, stock exchange closed

Computer glitches that crippled trading on Wall Street, grounded United Airlines flights and temporarily blocked The Wall Street Journal‘s website caused major jitters on Wednesday that the […]

Dems suddenly shocked by ‘sanctuary cities’: Nothing beats a politically embarrassing murder

Nothing beats a politically embarrassing murder to focus the Democrat mind. In the wake of last week’s shooting death of an innocent woman at the hands of […]

A miracle in the NY Times! Full page loaded with unlikely message

New York Times readers experienced a rare event this week

White female comedian becomes scapegoat for left because her jokes are ‘racist’

Ever since Dylann Roof killed nine black church goers in South Carolina in June, liberals have been using the tragedy to point the finger of blame at […]

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Oklahoma showdown! Governor defies state’s highest court order to remove Ten Commandments

Oklahoma is heading for a clash over the Ten Commandments. An unintended side effect of Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin‘s decision to defy her state’s Supreme Court ruling […]

Disney removes Bill Cosby statue after bombshell court admission; show re-runs cancelled

The Walt Disney Co. has removed a bronze bust of comedian Bill Cosby from  Florida’s Walt Disney World after reports surfaced that he admitted in a deposition […]

Sen. Sessions: Make it a crime for officials to harbor illegal felons in sanctuary cities

“Sanctuary city” officials who believe in letting illegal aliens out of jail could find themselves behind bars themselves if an Alabama Republican gets his way. Republican Sen […]

Paula Deen skewered for brownface photo; have PC police lost their minds?

The PC police are again persecuting celebrity chef Paula Deen for sending out a tweet that some people believed was racist but others think was harmless. And […]

DC residents call for racial revamp: Change name to ‘Black City,’ remove Jefferson Memorial, redesign American flag

Welcome to President Obama’s post-racial America. Taking their cue from CNN anchor Don Lemon, who suggested the day may come to re-think the Jefferson Memorial in Washington, […]

Michelle O. spends more than half-million bucks redoing WH dining room

Michelle Obama’s expensive tastes aren’t limited to travel abroad. The first lady’s latest contribution to the Republican is a remake of the White House State Dining Room […]

confederate flag
‘Defiance’: Florida county bucks PC trend, keeps Confederate Flag flying

A Florida county is bucking the politically correct trend of removing the Confederate flag from government property, and actually reinstated the banner to help showcase the area’s […]

Mother of murder victim at hands of illegal alien slams Trump critics: ‘When will the public wake up?’

Donald Trump’s bold stance against illegal immigration after a random killing by an illegal in San Francisco has won him strong support from a mother who lost […]