Shut the f**k up!’ Ex-CNN anchor has BLUNT message for gun-grabbers after husband gets shot

motel_6After her husband shot and killed a gunman during a robbery last month, former CNN anchor Lynne Russell has some choice words for the anti-gun crowd.

“If you don’t want to carry please don’t,” she said during an interview with FOX411 Monday. “Then, shut the f–k up about it. Make your own decisions.”

Russell told FOX411 Monday that having a gun saved the couple’s lives.

Russell’s husband Chuck de Caro was shot three times by gunman Tomorio Walton during the June 30 robbery at Motel 6 in Albuquerque, N.M.  His return fire, though, was fatal.

“The discussion over the debate to own a gun is just ridiculous,” Russell said. “As Americans we have the right to bear arms and as humans the right to protect ourselves.”

Russell pointed out that the felon who shot de Caro could not legally carry a gun.

“Criminals will always have guns,” she said. “The rest of us legally obtain our gun permits.”

Instead of arguing over gun control, Russell thinks the government should keep things simple.

“If you committed a violent crime you can’t get a gun permit,” she said. “Simple law.”

De Caro is still recovering from his wounds, and Russell said it would be another few weeks before he is released from the hospital.

“I’m so grateful to him. He literally is my hero. He saved my life,” she said. “I’m grateful that he is a responsible gun owner. He’s former Special Forces. He knows how to handle himself.”


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