Opinion: A glimpse at what America could look like in 2040 if libs aren’t stopped

Opinion post submitted from Angry Bald Dude blog:

The year is 2040.

A father sits down to tell his child a tale of how America used to be…


There used to be a time when I could call you son. That was before it was declared that parents cannot force a gender on their children and must wait for the child to tell them what gender they are.

There used to be a time where I could tell you about God, the wondrous and glorious Creator of all that is, was and ever will be, with no fear of being punished for child abuse because I didn’t only teach you science.

When I was a kid, children could play outside and their parents weren’t jailed for non-supervision. We ran and jumped and hit baseballs and had fun. We didn’t need a video game exercise mat, we did our exercising with our friends on the playgrounds or on the street.

And there was a day when we could say whatever we wanted, no matter who it offended, because we had the right to free speech. We talked about politics and religion and we exchanged ideas.

American Flag

No, we didn’t agree all the time but we learned from each other and found common ground.

In my day, we celebrated the Fourth of July, Presidents Day, Veterans Day, Memorial Day, Columbus Day and Flag Day.

We celebrated great men like the Founding Fathers of America and Christopher Columbus, not as slave traders, but as brave men who forged a new land under God where freedom reigned and tyranny perished.

We honored the men and women who gave their lives for this nation so that we could have the free speech I told you about.

And we looked at our old flag, not the new flag your generation has, with honor, knowing that it didn’t represent slavery and oppression but opportunity and freedom.

We didn’t envy rich people or take what they earned to give to others. We admired their hard work and perseverance and we strived to do the same, knowing that in America anyone could do anything if they worked hard enough and the government stayed out of their way.

Now you are probably wondering what happened, and I know they won’t teach you in school, so I’m going to tell you.

Slowly but surely a wave swept across America.

Politicians, celebrities and people in the corporate-controlled major media started pushing a radical new agenda.

They told us that we had to be careful about what we said because we might offend someone and it would be a good idea to watch our words so we didn’t hurt anyone’s feelings.

No one really objected because it sounded like a good idea at the time. After all, who wants to hurt someone’s feelings?

But what started as a good idea suddenly and dramatically morphed into a criminal act.

It was no longer a request, but a demand, that certain words not be said.

They started by calling people bigots or racists even though these words had no racial animus.

People tried to sound the alarm but the wave was gaining momentum quickly.

We tried to tell them that when you start policing some speech,  soon all speech would be policed.

But the progressives had too much power and had the masses convinced that these new restrictions would be good for all and that they would mean equality.

Eventually those “good ideas” became laws and that’s why you no longer have what we called free speech.

They told us that it was unfair that some people had wealth while others were hungry and poor.

Again what they said made sense. No one wanted to see anyone else starve regardless of how they got into that position, be it by bad luck or bad choices. We wanted to help.

That’s why no one objected when they started taxing the wealthy and middle class a little bit more to help those less fortunate.

But as it is with progressives, whenever you give an inch they take a mile.

The taxes kept rising and Hollywood stars and the mainstream media kept beating the drum and telling the people that the rich were evil and had to be punished.

The people demanded more and more for doing less and less until eventually there was no more wealth.

Well, except for the overlords.

That’s why today everyone gets the same wage no matter what job they do and we are all equal just like they said.

Equally poor, except for the overlords.

They even convinced people that the police were bad and racist and out to get black people and minorities and despite evidence to the contrary. The media and celebrities again did their job and brainwashed the people into believing it.

That’s why today you have a nationalized police force that enforces the tyrannical laws of the overlords.

They convinced black people and white people that they were each other’s natural enemies.

They divided us on race just like they divided us on financial status, and again it worked.

People started not trusting each other, hating each other and fighting each other. All the while not knowing that if they only worked together they could have righted the wrongs. They could have saved America.

There was one last hope.

The Internet.

You see the Internet wasn’t controlled by any big companies or governments. It was a free an open forum for the exchange of ideas.

And people put it to good use. They started spreading the word and sounding alarms, telling the people to beware of what was happening.

But then the government and media convinced them that the Internet too had to be policed and controlled.

That’s why today the Internet has rules about what can and cannot be said.

And they were able to do all of this because they accomplished their first goal.

They removed God from society.

They banned Him in school.

Then they banned Him from public property.

Then they banned His name from being mentioned on television and radio.

They removed Him from history and no longer told of how the Founding Fathers were guided by Him.

They relegated Him to being a fairy tale and ridiculed anyone who believed in Him.

And so slowly and steadily people stopped believing.

And when they no longer had God, they no longer had hope.

Who did they look to for hope and guidance then?

Not the divine and loving God that created them.

The people looked to the government and because of that the government grew and grew until it became an overbearing, stifling all consuming authoritarian oppressor.

Yes, there was a time when people could have prevented all of this but they were scared of being called bigots, racists and outdated relics.

We had a chance to stand up and keep America free, strong, vibrant and one nation under God.

But we failed you.

And for that we owe you, and your entire generation, not only an apology but a debt we can never pay.


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Carmine Sabia


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