Cops change their minds: White man attacked by black mob not a racially motivated hate crime after all

Police initially declared a hate crime when video of a white man beaten by a mob of black teens on July 4th in Cincinnati surfaced over the weekend, but now they are backing off of that claim.

One video showed 27-year-old Christopher McKnight brutally beaten by this pack of jackals after a hip hop concert and fireworks show, while another video shows a group of teens laughing over McKnight as he lay on the sidewalk bloody and seemingly unconscious.

The videos show one lone, unidentified black teen in a red shirt doing his best against the mob to protect McKnight and stop the assault.

The attack was initially called a hate crime, but Police Captain Mike Neville said that was “incorrect” when he spoke to reporters Monday, CBS News reported.

“Right now, I don’t have reason to label that as a hate crime. It is an ongoing investigation. I would tell you preliminary speaking, that report [calling the attack a hate crime] was incorrect,” he said.

So far no one has been charged with McKinght’s beating despite seven arrests stemming from fighting that followed a fireworks show and concert. One teen was arrested for striking an officer.

If a mob of white teens attacked a black man and then laughed as he was on the ground bleeding, would it be a hate crime? And would the mainstream media cover it and not essentially ignore it as they have this attack?

The Twitterverse thinks so.


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