Confessed killer says he knew system would protect him; DHS offers no excuse

Confessed killer Francisco Sanchez knew the system would protect him, but the White House and Department of Homeland Security are avoiding the truth.

In an exclusive interview with San Francisco television station KGO, Sanchez admitted shooting Kate Steinle, and that he kept returning to San Francisco because he knew law enforcement there would not turn him over to federal authorities to be deported.

But when reporters asked White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest to comment on Steinle’s murder, and the fact that San Francisco is a self-declared “sanctuary city” for illegal aliens, Earnest had nothing to say.

“I can’t speak to this specific case,” Earnest said. “I’d refer you to DHS.”

DHS also dodged the question — in an endless government circle of denial.

The Washington Examiner reported that Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson would not give a specific answer on whether “sanctuary cities” like San Francisco pose a safety threat to the United States.

Johnson explained that his agency replaced an old program, called Secure Communities, with a system that put aliens on a priority list for deportation because many cities were “resisting cooperating” with DHS.

“Unfortunately, there are a lot of jurisdictions that have resisted that around the country, with the old program,” Johnson said. “So we put this new program in place, which I believe resolved the political and legal obstacles and objections that have been arising.”

Johnson claimed federal authorities “want to work more effectively with state and local jurisdictions” to deal with illegal aliens who are threats to public safety.

“I believe we’re headed in that direction, and every day we take a step in that direction,” he added, with questionable sincerity.

With San Francisco’s outright refusal to cooperate with the feds in any way in removing illegal aliens, it is difficult to imagine how that would be a step toward a safer America.

Steve Berman


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