Opinion: A glimpse at what America could look like in 2040 if libs aren’t stopped

Opinion post submitted from Angry Bald Dude blog: The year is 2040. A father sits down to tell his child a tale of how America used to […]

Remember that couple busted for having day sex on a busy beach? Wait til’ you hear the punishment . . .

Maybe next time they will get a room.

NC pastor causes controversy flying Christian flag above American flag; hopes to spark movement

While the debate over the Confederate flag rages, a North Carolina pastor is putting God before country by flying the Christian flag above the U.S. flag outside […]

Brazilian cops don’t play! Wild video shows suspect get shot from helicopter

In Brazil there is no such thing as “hands up don’t shoot.” Video has surfaced of a Brazilian helicopter police chase of a criminal — and it […]

Teacher gets exactly what he deserves for stomping on flag in front of class

An Illinois high school teacher sparked protest from local veterans in May when he threw the American flag on the ground and began to stomp on it. […]

Vandal chases semi-truck, rips off Confederate flag on highway, libs call him a ‘hero’

Someone’s going to get shot doing this.

Cops change their minds: White man attacked by black mob not a racially motivated hate crime after all

Police initially declared a hate crime when video of a white man beaten by a mob of black teens on July 4th in Cincinnati surfaced over the […]

Levin lets Obama have it over San Fran murder: ‘How come you didn’t address the nation today, Mr. Obama?’

Conservative radio host Mark Levin was even more caustic than usual Monday, as national outrage builds over the killing of a San Francisco woman by an illegal […]

System is working; White House blames GOP for ‘bad’ immigrants

With an argument that borders absurd even by the standards of the Obama Era, the White House is blaming Republicans for the failures in President Obama‘s immigration […]

Shut the f**k up!’ Ex-CNN anchor has BLUNT message for gun-grabbers after husband gets shot

After her husband shot and killed a gunman during a robbery last month, former CNN anchor Lynne Russell has some choice words for the anti-gun crowd. “If […]

Surveillance video: FSU quarterback punches woman in the face at a bar, calls it self-defense

Punching a woman in the face in a crowded bar isn’t the kind of highlight video college athletes dream about, but a Florida football player is facing […]

Charges pressed against top Dem activist who threatened 12-year-old Obama critic

The woman who launched an online campaign of bullying and veiled threats against Internet sensation CJ Pearson, frightening the young conservative’s family enough to drive the boy […]