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Rubio slaps at latest attack from NY Times: Cuba sees him as a threat? ‘They should’

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In yet another hit piece directed against U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio, The New York Times was shocked to learn that the people of Cuba claim they don’t want to see the Florida Republican — a Cuban-American — become America’s 45th president.

The Times found it stranger still that Rubio likes it that way.

After two swings and two misses against Rubio — the first on the senator’s driving record, the second on his finances — The Times took a third swing Monday and promptly struck out.

Rubio is the Senate’s loudest and most eloquent voice decrying normalization of U.S.-Cuban relations, unless and until the despotic Communist regime changes its ways.

With that in mind, Rubio is a pariah to Cuba’s state-controlled propaganda machine, which it laughingly calls the news. The people of Cuba follow the party line “or else,” and the Times can’t figure that out?

Marc Lacey, The New York Times weekend editor, tweeted:

But Rubio himself had no problem with some people on the island disliking his positions.

His family left to escape a communist dictatorship, after all.

“I’m glad they see us as a threat,” he told The Times in an interview. “They should.”

According to The Times:

He added that it made sense that the Castro government was closely following a presidential candidate whose election would not, to put it mildly, be welcomed. “If that’s the line the Cuban government has taken against me and is trying to indoctrinate their people in that way, it shows that we’re on to something,” he said.

In a Twitter post, he made the point about The Times’ hostile coverage clear.


Social media users also chipped in.

Charles Lane, an opinion writer for the Washington Post, threw his two cents in also. Maybe the term “party line” will give the Times a hint. Others joined in.

Sorry, New York Times. That’s your third swing and a miss. You’re outta here.


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