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Lib compares traditional marriage supporters to white supremacists, gets SLAPPED down

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Leave it to a liberal to compare gay marriage opponents to white supremacists.

National Public Radio’s Mara Liasson, appearing as part of a panel on Fox News’ “Media Buzz” Sunday, made the comparison after saying it’s hard to find guests that would argue for traditional marriage.

“There’s settled law and settled beliefs. Do we have to have a white supremacist on every single time we talk about a civil rights issue? No,” she said.

National Review’s Jim Geraghty, also on the panel, quickly called her out on it and had her walking back her comments.

“The polling for gay marriage is saying about 55 percent support it and something in the neighborhood of 30 – 40 percent are opposing it,” he said. “You just compared that 30 – 40 percent to white supremacists. You just said it was on par with that.”

“I’m saying at some point — public opinion tips so far — It hasn’t tipped that far on gay marriage. It certainly has tipped that far in civil rights and you know what? It wasn’t hard to find people who are opposed to the Supreme Court decision. They were — plenty of them were running for president in the Republican party!” she said.

Actually, as Geraghty pointed out, President Barack Obama was on record during his first run for the presidency as considering gay marriage to be an issue for the state.

Hillary Clinton, running for president in the Democratic party,  coincidentally changed her opinion at the same time the polls changed.

But NPR “journalists” don’t talk about thing like that. As Liasson said, “there’s settled law and settled beliefs.”

They just always seem to settle in the media where they will help Democrats get elected.

Carmine Sabia


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