Hillary’s CNN interviewer parties with Hillary’s aides: A ‘lap dog eat lap dog kind of world’

Hillary Clinton is set to give her first national television interview of the 2016 presidential campaign Tuesday and the choice of interviewer is more than a little convenient.

CNN’s Brianna Keiler landed the sought-after interview, and it should come as no surprise since she’s in tight with the Clinton circle of friends.

In fact, Keiler two weeks ago attended the wedding of a Clinton aide, according to the Weekly Standard.

Adam Parkhomenko, the director for grassroots engagement for Clinton’s presidential campaign and a co-founder of Ready for Hillary, married former Ready for Hillary staff member (and former Redskins cheerleader) Kirby Hoag on Saturday. Among those celebrating with the happy couple were a number of print and television journalists. Democratic operative and Ready for Hillary staffer Seth Bringman tweeted a photo of these journalists with the message “Press scrum!!” and the hashtag “#OTR,” which stands for “off the record.” Here’s the tweet:

Pictured are Alex Seitz-Wald of MSNBC; Lucia Graves of National Journal; Philip Rucker of the Washington Post; Dan Merica, Ashley Killough, and Brianna Keilar of CNN; and Amie Parnes of the Hill. Bringman tweeted the wedding was “off the record” and “no questions” would be allowed. The wedding party also apparently ran into Supreme Court justice Sonia Sotomayor at a bar at the hotel where the celebration was taking place.

The Twitterverse blasted the Queen’s selection of interviewer, with one summing things up precisely: “A lap dog eat lap dog kind of world.”

Carmine Sabia


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