Ann Coulter willing to bet: Illegal aliens kill more Americans than sharks OR terrorists

Conservative columnist and author Ann Coulter is willing to put up money against the media hype of shark attacks off America’s shores — or terrorist attacks far from the country’s shores — when it comes to the dangers to Americans posed by illegal aliens inside the United States.

In an appearance Sunday on “Fox & Friends Weekend,” Coulter said the media was “consumed” with the wrong dangers American citizens face.

“The media was consumed with stories about, ‘Americans have to be on the lookout for ISIS attacks’ and ‘terror attack expected’ and, oooh, shark attacks,” she said.

“But I will bet you by the end of the weekend more Americans will have been killed by Mexicans than by ISIS or by sharks.”

That’s sure to stir up the left’s media allies.

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The comment was in response to the death of Kathryn Steinle, 32, who was shot down while out for an evening stroll in San Francisco by an illegal alien who has seven felony convictions and was deported five times to his native Mexico.

San Francisco is a “sanctuary city,” where illegal immigrants are welcomed, as is most of California. In fact, San Francisco authorities had Steinle’s alleged killer, Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez, in custody earlier this year.

Front Page Magazine’s Matthew Vadum reported:

Federal authorities had Lopez-Sanchez in custody in March after he was set free from a federal prison. They transferred him to San Francisco authorities because he was wanted by them on drug-related charges. The feds filed what’s called an “immigration detainer” requesting that the local authorities notify them before releasing the man.

But San Francisco, home of the most militant leftists in America, refused the request because local policy forbids it. The prisoner in effect got a “get out of jail free card” from the left-wing open-borders movement which argues that keeping illegals in jail violates their constitutional rights.

And as Vadum noted, the Democratic Party’s progressive policies on immigration “will get more innocent U.S. citizens like Kate Steinle killed,” so Coulter may not be too far off the mark here.

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