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‘I didn’t want to be a victim’: Retired Marine tackles convenience store hold-up

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A retired Marine is being applauded for jumping into action to save a 7-Eleven store and clerk that were being robbed.

Curtis Jackson, who now works for the New York City Sanitation Department, appeared on “Fox and Friends Weekend” Sunday and described how it all transpired.

Jackson said he went into the store before his shift to use the restroom, but when he saw the sign that said “Employees Only,” he headed to the cashier to ask for a key.

That’s when he saw a man with his hand in his pocket holding what looked like a gun and the cashier with his hands in the air.

“A lot of things ran through my mind in that split second and I didn’t want to be another victim along with the cashier, because the cashier was already a victim. Then my partner and I walk in, now we’re gonna be victims and I didn’t want to be a victim,” Jackson told Fox News.

Video footage showed Jackson sneak up on the perpetrator from behind and grab for him as he reached for what he thought was gun but turned out later to be a card.

Jackson pushed him against the wall but as the man tried to escape the former Marine slammed him to the ground and subdued him until police arrived and arrested the stickup artist.

Once a Marine, always a Marine.

Carmine Sabia


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