‘Heaven help this poor child’: Cutting-edge parents let PRE-SCHOOL son decide he’s a GIRL

Being transgender is hip in liberal circles today, yet another class of victimization to corral Democratic voters, but some parents appear a little too eager to see their children enter into the stage of perpetual confusion.

So eager that they encourage the transition from one gender to another as early as pre-school.

In a recent interview with NPR, Mary Carter, from Oakland, Ca., talked about “the day” her 3-and-a-half-year-old son, Jack, decided he wanted to be a girl.

A description that may leave the average person thinking this child needs protection from his own parents.

“Jackie just looked really, really sad, sadder than a 3-and-a-half-year-old should look,” Carter told NPR. “This weight that looked like it weighed more than she did, something she had to say and I didn’t know what that was.”

Carter pushed her son, who NPR said was already being allowed to wear his older sisters’ dresses, about his case of the sads.

“So I asked. I said, ‘Jackie, are you sad that you’re not going to school today?’ And Jackie was really quiet and put her head down and said ‘No, I’m sad because I’m a boy.’”

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“You’re really not happy being a boy?” Carter asked. “I thought a little bit longer and I said, ‘Well, are you happy being you?’ And that made Jackie smile.”

“And I felt like for that moment, that was all that really mattered,” she added. “That was ‘The Day.’”

A life altering decision made in a snap, with the next step being a trip to the store to buy hair accessories to pull her son’s hair into small ponytails.

“And I’ve never seen such a happy child,” Carter said. “To go from maybe an hour before this, this child who looks so sad, to that, I felt like I’d done something right by her.”

Based on the responses from social media, Carter and her husband, who supports the decision, may be guilty of child abuse. And Jack may be in need of some divine assistance. As one user wrote: “Heaven help this poor child.”

Here’s a sampling of responses from Twitter:




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