Conservative D’Souza still DEFIANT: My rap sheet is nothing compared to the Clintons’ past

Fresh off an eight-month sentence in a California confinement center for violating campaign-finance law, conservative filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza is more than willing to compare his own criminal record to Bill and Hillary Clinton‘s checkered past.

“If you put my rap sheet alongside the Clinton rap sheet, I think that would be almost a prima facie case that they have gotten away with far more than I have,” D’Souza said in a candid interview with the New York Times published late last week.

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“My crime consisted of giving away too much money,” he added. “I didn’t benefit from it in any way.”

The Clintons won’t be mistaken for someone guilty of giving away too much money, that’s for sure.

When asked for a poetic point of reference in explaining a potential Hillary Clinton presidency, D’Souza aptly pointed to the pits of hell.

“When I think of a Hillary administration, I’m reminded of the sign on the outer gates of hell [in Dante’s ‘Inferno’]: ‘Abandon all hope, ye who enter here,’” he said.

Being reminded that he is now “a criminal,” D’Souza was asked if his time in a confinement center changed his views of the criminal justice system in America.

“I thought of myself as an anthropologist with a rare opportunity to, you might say, study the natives,” he replied, adding that he couldn’t find one fellow prisoner who said that he was framed.

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“They all acknowledged their guilt but argued that they were the small fry,” he said. “They believe that the real criminals are not only part of the system, they are running the system, and, in fact, that they are the system and that, at its highest level, America is a crime syndicate.”

Certainly sounds like Clinton supporters.

With The Times — as always — pushing a liberal agenda, D’Souza was asked about felons being given the right to vote, which is already established in California. But the author didn’t take the bait.

“By and large, the concerns of the inmates are food, sleep, money and sex,” he said, adding that it was “a refreshing contrast with the world I came from.”

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