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Black conservative SHREDS ‘Star Trek’ actor over Clarence Thomas, and she doesn’t stop there!

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In a three-minute video getting rave reviews on the Internet, a young, conservative black woman goes after “Star Trek” actor George Takei and his racial slur against Supreme Court Associate Justice Clarence Thomas – and lashes an entire establishment for a racist outlook that takes blacks for granted.

Takei was forced by public pressure to apologize for calling Thomas, the only black sitting on the Supreme Court, a “clown in blackface” for his dissent in the gay marriage case that was recently decided by the court.

But she doesn’t stop at Takei — she takes on the entire batch of liberal loons, calling them “a bunch of racists.”

“You know what? It takes a certain kind of racist to decide that black people can’t have their own opinion,” she said.

There’s no question but that this young lady has opinions — and she’s not afraid to let you know it.

“I’m allowed to have conservative opinions. I’m allowed to believe that gay marriage is wrong. I’m allowed to believe that abortion is not OK,” she said.

She said that stereotyping blacks “is the problem with the left,” adding that “they think that they own African Americans. They think that they own our thoughts and that is not true.”

No one seems to know who this young woman is, but she’s a resident of suburban Detroit — and can see first-hand what Democrat rule has done to that city — especially that city’s black.

The only other clue as to her identity is that she’s wearing a Calvin College T-shirt.

Calvin college is a highly regarded Christian school in Grand Rapids, Mich. If she’s a student there, this young lady is doing her college proud.

H/T: TheBlaze

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