Al Gore’s pals at Al Jazeera bash US for the Fourth — and America bashes RIGHT BACK!

Al Jazeera Media Network, Al Gore’s biggest “gift” to the country since he got out of politics, celebrated the Fourth of July holiday weekend with an America-bashing rant that would have made any progressive proud.

Instead of fireworks, patriotic music and images of everything great that America stands for, it uses all but a very few seconds of it’s nearly minute-and-a-half length to describe Americans as a collection of overweight, gun-toting, hooked-on-porn-and-pills racists.

It starts out informing its viewers that the United States has the largest number Olympic medalists, Nobel laureates and billionaires before embarking on its America-hating binge.

The show gets the ball rolling by informing viewers that America has the largest number of prisoners, that a third of Americans are obese and that the country has the greatest number of guns per capita.

“We make 89 percent of the world’s porn,” says one of the actors, holding red, white and blue balloons. “That makes porn as American as church on Sunday.”

Another made two America-dissing statements, informing us that 80 percent of the world’s pain-killers are consumed in the United States, adding with a smile that, “It makes sense though, right? I mean racism in this country is a big pain in the @$$.”

They wrap it up by saying that we lead the world in teen pregnancies, credit card debt and death by lawn mower.

What’s especially galling is that Al Jazeera is wholly owned by the government of Qatar, a nominal ally.

It would be like PBS setting up business in Qatar, and using Ramadan to take aim at that country’s backward, brutal, misogynistic legal system.

Heads would roll on that one — literally.

Here’s another distasteful piece of information: Al Jazeera was able to set up shop in America because former Vice President and global-warming loon Al Gore sold his failing TV network, Current TV, and all its production facilities to Al Jazeera for an estimated $500 million.

Think about that. A former vice president and green energy preacher sells his network to a company owned by a country that makes most of its money selling oil.

A year later he claimed to have reservations about selling out — but that was long after he’d been paid.

As for the video itself, a few people actually agreed with its premise. But most responses were along these lines:

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