Ted Cruz has Donald Trump’s back; Reagan would be proud

Ted Cruz is obeying Ronald Reagan’s 11th commandment: never criticize a fellow Republican.

Cruz refused to jump on the bandwagon of those looking to condemn fellow GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump over a comment he made about Mexicans entering the country illegally.

“I salute Donald Trump for focusing on the need to address illegal immigration,” Cruz said. “The Washington cartel doesn’t want to address that.”

Cruz refused to take the bait from NBC host Chuck Todd in an early release of a clip from “Meet the Press” to be aired Sunday.

“I like Donald Trump,” Cruz told Todd. “He’s bold, he’s brash, and I get it that it seems the favorite sport of the Washington media is to encourage some Republicans to attack other Republicans.”

“I ain’t going to do it,” he added. “I’m not interested in Republican-on-Republican violence.”

When asked whether rhetoric matters, Cruz said the business magnate “has a colorful way of speaking.”

“It’s not the way I speak,” he said. “But I’m not going to engage in the media’s game of throwing rocks and attacking other Republicans. I’m just not gonna do it.”

Reagan would be proud of him.

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Tom Tillison


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