Owner of original ‘General Lee’ car plans to paint over flag! Fans blast famous golfer for spineless move

TV Land has banned the series, and now the original car from “The Dukes of Hazzard” has been targeted for censorship and the show’s fans are putting up their dukes in defense of the Confederate flag.

Professional golfer Bubba Watson is the proud owner of the original “General Lee” – the classic Dodge Charger featured in the “Dukes of Hazzard” television series – but in light of the recent controversy over the Confederate flag, he says he is going to paint over the giant rebel symbol the car currently sports on its roof.

Watson purchased the original “Dukes” car for $110,000 at an auction in 2012. Explaining that he was a huge fan of the show, Watson even had Jon Schneider – the actor who played Bo Duke – sign the vehicle.

Spending roughly $10,000 to have the vehicle restored, he boasted about the purchase in 2013, saying the vehicle was “perfect.”

“Perfect” aside from the defining characteristic that set the General Lee 1 apart from other classic Dodge Chargers of the time: the Confederate battle flag.

Unsurprisingly, fans of the show seemed to think white-washing history was a little bit of an overreaction. Watson’s announcement that he was going to cover up the unique paint job of the original “Dukes” vehicle caused an uproar on his Twitter account.

But, Watson didn’t seem dissuaded by the outrage over his plans to cover up the historical symbol in the name of political correctness.

Some social media users had a few ideas for how he could keep the car unique while making it a little more acceptable to the PC police.

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