Video: Abortion activists assault pro-lifers, hurl signs, cell phone over highway overpass

Cell phone video caught members of an Albuquerque, N.M. pro-life organization getting assaulted and their display stolen by pro-abortion activists Wednesday.

The display was set up on a pedestrian overpass in an effort to get their message out to the traffic passing below.

“A woman and her son began verbally berating members of Protest ABQ and then the woman proceeded to take down the signs and then threw them from the overpass,” Bud Shaver, Executive Director of Protest ABQ told in a statement.


The pro-abortion woman objected to being recorded.

“The woman also grabbed the phone that was recording the incident and then threw it from the overpass,” Shaver said.

“Activists representing Protest ABQ were simply exercising their First Amendment free speech rights, which apparently cannot be tolerated by rogue citizens of Albuquerque.”

The woman and her son had fled by the time Albuquerque police were able to arrive on the scene.

“Protest ABQ conducts weekly overpass protests to peacefully expose the violence that abortion inflicts on pre-born children in the womb. It is not surprising that those who support and condone this barbaric act want to cover up their choice and violently lash out at those who are advocates for these defenseless children.” Shaver continued.

“However, while there is currently no justice for the children unjustly sentenced to death, Protest ABQ will not overlook unjust assaults against members of our peaceful protests, but we will pursue every legal recourse available to us.”

If anyone recognizes either the woman or her son, Protest ABQ can be reached through its website

Watch the fracas here.


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