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Man FIRED after Facebook post saying he should be able to marry his dog according to SCOTUS

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Watch what you say on social media. The PC police are out in force on the subject of gay marriage.

A Florida man found out the hard way that his employer does not share his politically incorrect sense of humor when he was fired for a joke he made on Facebook about same-sex marriage.

Ryan Uhler knew he was being provocative when he took to Facebook to “celebrate” the Supreme Court’s decision on gay marriage by announcing that he wanted to marry his dog.

“How is marrying a dog different if you love them? Today I hope we can focus on doggy-style love. I love my dog Rocco, and he loves me. Hopefully one day we can be married,” he wrote on Facebook the day after the June 26 ruling.

But on Tuesday, his employer, Grace Investment Group, fired him from his position as a digital marketing specialist, and he says it’s because the company was “uncomfortable” with the post.

“I was blindsided,” he told The Huffington Post, adding that he never intended to offend anyone.

“Gay marriage was passed in all 50 states, and I thought it [would] be funny to post a picture of me and the dog,” said Uhler, 32, of Cape Coral.

He says his joke was taken out of context by his employer, adding that he would never intentionally say something derogatory about the gay community.

“I really didn’t want to offend. I have gay people I know and love, and I wouldn’t want to offend them, but they know my sense of humor,” he said.

His joke about marrying his dog wasn’t the first time he stirred up controversy on Facebook, but he says he never thought it would get him fired.

“I’m very neutral about politics. Sometimes I will try and get a reaction to spark comments and responses,” he explained.

Uhler told the Huff Post that he hopes his story serves as a warning to people on social media to be careful about what they say.

“The reason I’m coming forward about this is that I don’t want anyone to make the same mistake I did about posting jokes like this on Facebook,” he said.

The message is pretty clear: the PC police are everywhere.

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