Hot dogs and apple pie for July 4? Obama shares recipe for guacamole, instead

You can relax now, everyone. President Barack Obama has finally weighed in on guacamole.

Obama took his time to let his feelings be known about a recent article in the New York Times that suggested peas be added to guacamole, saying the recipe is completely off base.

The president’s pressing announcement on the perfect guacamole came during a Twitter Q&A session on the Affordable Care Act.

With a debate over the Times’ “green pea guacamole” recipe dominating Twitter, one reporter decided to ask the president to give his thoughts on the matter.

Obama’s response marks the first time in recent memory that he’s been able to agree with the vast majority of Americans on an issue. Even Republican presidential hopeful Jeb Bush, whose wife is Hispanic, shared Obama’s outlook on the controversy over the popular snack food.

Despite the brief display of bipartisanship, social media users didn’t seem thrilled with Obama’s tackling an issue as unimportant as the Times’ guacamole recipe:



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