Ft. Bragg soldier causes panic; arrested for carrying AR-15, wearing kevlar into mall photo shoot

A soldier stationed at Fort Bragg, N.C., was taken into custody by police for entering a local shopping mall carrying an AR-15 carbine, several rounds of ammunition and kevlar body armor.

He was there to have his picture taken.

Army Sgt. Bryan Scott Wolfinger, 25, caused a panic at the Cross Creek Mall in Fayetteville, prompting dozens of 911 calls to police, according to WRAL.com.

Wolfinger was subsequently arrested Thursday night and charged with “going armed to the terror of the public.”

Police detained him without incident and processed the sergeant at the Cumberland County jail before releasing him to his Fort Bragg company commander.

The ammunition Wolfinger was carrying was not in the weapon itself, but rather in as backpack he was carrying.

“With the terror alerts that we’ve had, it’s a holiday weekend, it’s the nation’s birthday, our senses are high,” Fayetteville Assistant Police Chief Anthony Kelly said. “Thankfully, it turned out like it did.”

The Department of Homeland Security, together with the National Counterterrorism Center and the FBI, issued a nationwide intelligence bulletin based on specific intelligence that an Islamic State-inspired terrorist attack may occur on or around July 4.

Several shoppers told the station that Wolfinger’s presence resulted in chaos inside the mall.

“It was really chaotic,” shopper Amirah Williams said. “It was scary. Nobody ever wants to be in a predicament like that. I was panicking. My friends were panicking. Everyone in the mall was panicking. It was just scary.”

“I called my parents, that’s the first thing I did,” Xyn Rufus told the station.

He should have known better.

H/T: Bearing Arms


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