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Coast Guard captain faces death by shark in flipped kayak; goes back for more

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Chew on this:

U.S. Coast Guard captain Ben Chancey was fishing in his kayak off the coast of Stuart, Fla. Last Thursday trying to catch a grouper when bull sharks started swimming around his boat.

The grouper grabbed onto the 15 lb. bait Chancey had in the water but managed to pull the rod and reel out of his hands, ABC News reported.

“Groupers normally swim below the sharks. But this grouper came up through the bull sharks and ate the bait. It was really aggressive,” he said.

“After the bull shark ate the bait,” he said, “that’s when it started spinning me around and dragging me all over the ocean.”

Eventually the shark went under his boat causing it to capsize and leaving Chancey in the water swimming for his life.

“I landed on top of where the shark was,” he said adding that his first thought was to get on top of the kayak.

“My feet were dangling on the side. And after hearing about all the shark attacks … I figured I had a better chance of swimming to [a support boat] … than sitting there with my feet dangling over the side,” Chancey said.

He said he swam faster than he ever had in his life to get to the support boat because “you don’t know when the sharks will want to come get you” and being in the water with them is “like being food.”

But Chancey wasn’t scared away.

As the shark was still attached to the line Chancey flipped the kayak back over and continued landing the shark until he finally got him.

“He got a good punch. I had to get up off the mat and get another shot. I couldn’t let him win that easy,” he told ABC News.

Chancey posted the video of the encounter top his YouTube channel “Chew On This” Wednesday.

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