‘Anti-gay’ company logos redesigned to purge them of ‘hate messaging’

The compulsive progressive urge to push conservative noses in the dirt is getting drastic.

Still flush with irrational exuberance over their victories in the Supreme Court last week — the twin travesties upholding Obamacare and redefining one of the foundational institutions of human society — liberals are now aiming for the symbols of companies that have gained a reputation for upholding conservative values.

And they’re actually proud of it.


New York-based creative agency BrandFire, for instance, is celebrating the Supreme Court’s ruling on gay marriage (which should be  known as the “Anthony-Kennedy-has-gay-friends Amendment) by redesigning the logos of companies it described as “anti-LGBT” with the colors of the gay pride flag.

“At BrandFire, we thought that we would give these notoriously anti-gay corporations a more LGBT-friendly visual makeover to help them get with the times,” Brandfire co-founder and CEO, Adam Padilla, told the Huffington Post.

“There is no room in today’s branding world for small-minded thinking or hate messaging,” Padilla told HuffPo. “Corporations that are in the public eye must be sensitive to the fact that their actions are felt and can hurt people.”

Apparently operating a fast-food chicken sandwich chain, while adhering to Christian values, is “small minded hate messaging” that “hurts people,” according to LGBT activists such as Padilla.


Like many on the left, Padilla seems to believe that disagreement with the “politically correct” narrative is enough to label Christian companies and supporters of traditional marriage as “hateful” organizations.


Other companies have been more willing to pander to the militant “gay-rights” movement.

A number of major corporations – including Overstock.com, Google, AT&T, and others – were quick to capitalize on the “gay-pride” fervor following the Supreme Court ruling by changing their logo to incorporate symbols of the gay community.

Uber included rainbows in its ride-sharing app, while AT&T and Vimeo incorporated the rainbow into their logos.

But the failure of some companies to pander to the leftists’ special interests was too “small-minded” for Brandfire to let slide.


Anyone — gay or straight — who’s ever been to a Chick-fil-A should know better.

Even Anthony Kennedy’s friends.

Michael Schaus


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