‘Whiteness is terror’: Black professor says white people ‘conditioned’ to commit mass murder

A former professor at the University of Memphis used her Twitter account – promoted at the time by the university’s website – to make the claim that the Charleston church gunman was not mentally ill, but just acting the way white people are “conditioned” to act.

Assistant professor of sociology Zandria Robinson took to social media to try to make the case that “white privilege” had somehow been the driving force behind the Charleston church massacre, according to the blog SoCawlege.

waits for thinkpieces about how more mental health services could prevent white people from acting how they’re conditioned to act

— Ida B. Robinson (@zfelice) June 18, 2015

Robinson – who has a long history of using her university-promoted social media accounts to rail against “white privilege” – is no longer employed by the university.

In April the self-described “black feminist” stirred up controversy when she suggested that “mediocre and undeserving” white students get into graduate programs rather than deserving minorities, despite the University of Memphis boasting nearly 40 percent minorities in their programs.

Actual statistics didn’t bog her down in her anti-white rant, saying anyone who disagreed with her assessment would be targeted for public shaming.

“SO DON’T YOU EVER LET ME HEAR TELL OF YOU PERPETUATING THESE RACIST LIES AGAIN. NOT EVEN IN YOUR HEAD. NOT EVEN IN JEST,” Robinson wrote, according to Campus Reform. “Because if you do I will come for you. And I will do so in public.”

More recently, Robinson posted a tweet June 26 claiming that “Whiteness is most certainly and inevitably terror.”

According to SoCawlege, the radical “black feminist” also railed against the Confederate flag as a symbol of “white heteropatriarchal capitalism.”

The University announced on its Twitter account Tuesday that Robinson was no longer an employee, but did not release any further details.

Perhaps her long history of anti-white racism was finally deemed too much for the taxpayer-funded university to justify.

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