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How dare they! Photo comparing gay marriage victory to Iwo Jima beyond disrespectful

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Seriously, he says he doesn’t get it.

A gay photographer who celebrated Friday’s Supreme Court decision in favor of gay marriage by posting a Facebook photo changing the Marines raising the American flag over Iwo Jimo into four sweaty, muscular young  men raising a rainbow banner can’t understand what all the fuss is about.


The “gay pride” photo mimicking one of the most storied images in American military history was taken about a decade ago by studio photographer Ed Freeman, according ot the Washington Post.

He posted it on Friday after the court decision was announced – and can’t get over the backlash.

“I got swamped with vitriolic hate mail,” he told the Post in a phone interview from Los Angeles.

Maybe things look so different from an art studio in Los Angeles that the besmirching of an American icon goes by without a blink. And maybe a  crucial World War II battle that killed almost 7,000 American soldiers and Marines — more than twice as many as died on 9/11 — just looks like fodder for the latest lefty cause celebre to a certain brand of ignoramus.

Maybe gay activists don’t understand that an image that’s so iconic it’s in a monument at the entrance of Arlington National Cemetery — the most famous sacred ground in the United States, for God’s sake  — is something special to millions and millions of Americans, not matter what their politics or their sexual preference.

Maybe Freeman and his ilk don’t get it, but a whole lot of people do.  

Some postings were caustically humorous — and all the more effective because of it.  Gays think they won a fight against fellow Americans they consider their enemy?

But this one summed it up the best.  


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