Liberals boycott BBQ joint because Scott Walker ate there

Liberals have been attacking Sugarfire Smoke House barbecue restaurant ever since GOP presidential hopeful and Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker stopped by Sunday to grab a meal and shake […]

Cruz fires back at Romney

Real estate mogul Donald Trump isn’t the only blunt, plain-spoken Republican running for the White House. So is Sen. Ted Cruz. Mitt Romney, the 2012 GOP presidential […]

Top Navy pick defies Obama’s narrative after facing Sen. Joni Ernst

Navy Adm. John Richardson does not agree with President Barack Obama on the nuclear deal with Iran. The admiral says it’s not true that the United States has no other option […]

Rep. Gutierrez LOSES IT in venomous meltdown after HIS words are used against him during testimony

Democrat Rep. Luis Gutierrez, an illegal-immigration activist,  proved he can’t handle the truth as he became completely unhinged when confronted with his own words by an immigration expert. Jessica […]

Piers Morgan has a graphic, SICK suggestion for dentist who killed lion

If there’s one thing Piers Morgan despises, it’s violence – unless it’s against someone he doesn’t like. In the aftermath of the liberal media’s outrage over the […]

Hillary worried ‘bimbo eruption’ of Bill’s ex-lovers will ruin her campaign

Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign team is worried the real war on women will torpedo her chances. They’re concerned that an “eruption of bimbos” is going to plague […]

DHS chief says they won’t disrespect Muslims by calling Chattanooga shooter an ‘Islamic terrorist’

Speculation about why the Obama administration won’t say the words “Islamic terrorism” can stop: the answer has been revealed. According to a report from Israel National News, it’s […]

Bill O’Reilly fires back at irrational ‘loon’ co-founder of Black Lives Matter

Bill O’Reilly’s feud with “Black Lives Matter” continued with some harsh words by the Fox News host about the group’s co-founder. The top-rated host fired back at Patrisse […]

Mika goes into wicked witch mode; ‘Morning Joe’ co-hosts rush guest off air for his own protection

“Morning Joe” show co-host Mika Brzezinski proved she rules the roost during an uncomfortable interview with Daily Beast reporter Tim Mak. In trying to decipher where the […]

GOP machismo raging: Rick Perry challenges Trump to ‘pull-up contest’

Politics is getting to the frat-house level between Donald Trump and Rick Perry. Trump is making a lot of enemies on his presidential campaign warpath, and no opponent is […]

Defense files misconduct charges: Freddie Gray ‘attempted to injure himself’ in previous arrest

Attorneys representing six Baltimore police officers charged in the death of arrestee Freddie Gray are making some stunning allegations of prosecutorial misconduct. In a motion filed Thursday, they allege that […]

‘Insulting and dangerous’: O’Reilly’s furious with president and attorney general

“What kind of country is this?”

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