Piers Morgan vs. Vince Vaughn on gun rights: Someone looks like a big dummy!

Hollywood actor Vince Vaughn must have known he’d face backlash from the elites for vehemently defending the Second Amendment. Vaughn’s eye-opening interview with GQ magazine made social […]

Poor Neil Cavuto can’t hide his feelings about Bruce Jenner’s ‘womanhood,’ but ‘tolerant’ libs won’t take a joke

Fox News host Neil Cavuto said what a lot of Americans were thinking about the transition of Bruce Jenner. “What the hell is going on!?” he shouted […]

Lynch mob! Call Bruce ‘Caitlyn’ or ‘DIE and burn in hell’ – welcome to Obama’s America

Death threats for dissent? The deeply disturbing spectacle of a former Olympic champion athlete playing dress-up on the cover of Vanity Fair magazine has libs ecstatic from […]

gop victory
Florida Five: GOP’s 2016 hopefuls gather at Disney, Grayson blasts fellow Dems on trade bill

Five of today’s top Florida political stories at your fingertips: Bush, Rubio, Walker, Christie all at Disney Tuesday – The 2016 presidential campaign kicks off in a big […]

Obama praises courage of Bruce Jenner; Americans introduce him to Chris Kyle

President Obama took time Monday to address a concern that really matters for every American. Bruce Jenner’s transformation into Caitlyn Jenner. Unlike the death of famed sniper […]

Obama beats his own lie of the year – YES, it’s that big of a whopper

Even for a president whose term will be defined by demonstrable lies, Monday’s whopper stood out for sheer brazenness. In a nearly three-minute video released by the […]

Vet nails ‘stolen valor’ scammer claiming THREE Purple Hearts

It is a scene that has become all too familiar — but this guy was over the top! Fox News reported a story Monday of a veteran […]

drunk lawmakers
24-hour car service for DRUNK California lawmakers part of taxpayer-paid perks

Watch the latest video at video.foxnews.com California, already wallowing in debt, is now paying for a 24-hour car service to prevent inebriated state lawmakers from getting charged […]

Hillary Clinton
Humor her: Hillary camp EXCITED to ‘launch’ a 2-month-old campaign!

Meet the new candidate. Same as the old candidate. Team Hillary Clinton excitedly announced the location for her official campaign launch Monday on Twitter. Now, if this […]

Caught on video: Hillary gives autograph seeker the brush-off: ‘Go to the end of the line!’

Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton dismissed a supporter and autograph seeker at a New Hampshire event Monday with a curt order: “Go to the end of the […]

Justice Dept. Internet study hunts ‘far right’ boogeymen, ignores ‘radical messages’ from the left

The Department of Justice still thinks the right wing is the danger. The DOJ has awarded a $585,719 grant to Michigan State University to study violent extremism […]

Rand Paul crosses line on Senate floor; accusation creates massive backlash

Even by Rand Paul standards, this was extreme. During Senate debate Sunday over the future of the Patriot Act, the Kentucky senator and Republican presidential contender accused […]