Video: Illegally parked car owners WISHED they were towed! Company rents monster machine

A Chinese company fed up with illegal parking found a unique — and destructive — way to deal with it. A video posted on YouTube Monday shows […]

Polite traffic stop turns ugly fast as shrieking race-baiters berate cops, cry ‘NAACP’

Recently posted video of a New Jersey traffic stop gives a vivid glimpse into the reality of policing in a racially tense America. In the Liveleak video […]

Disney-ABC under fire nationally for new show about anti-Christian, anti-conservative hate peddler

Evangelical Christians are the latest to join a growing group calling for the boycott of a show about an anti-Christian hate peddler. The group that is angered […]

Huckabee won’t be bullied into Bruce-love: I wish I’d known if I ‘felt like a woman’ I’d get to shower with them

Republican presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee is pulling no punches in going after accommodations being made for transgender people. In a video released by World Net Daily and […]

Ted Cruz is sure Tom Brady was framed, and he’s clear about who did it!

Ted Cruz may have finally gotten to the bottom of Deflate-gate. The 2016 candidate for the Republican presidential nomination told a crowd gathered at the home of […]

Marc Lamont Hill finds racism in reaction to Bruce Jenner’s ‘womanhood!’

Social media exploded Monday with the release of Vanity Fair’s cover featuring “Caitlyn” Jenner, but not everyone was supportive. That’s because thinking “Caitlyn” Jenner is pretty is […]

Eaten by lion though car window, 22-year-old woman snapped pics right up to grisly death

An American tourist fatally mauled by a lion in a South African safari park on Monday ignored posted warnings and took pictures of the animal through an […]

CNN’s Amanpour: We have a better chance of defeating ISIS than seeing Brian Williams anchor again

Larry Wilmore’s “Keep it 100” segment on Comedy Central took on the Brian Williams controversy Monday with CNN International’s Christiane Amanpour. Mocking both the disgraced anchorman and […]

‘Enough talk!’ Ted Cruz pushes for US embassy to Jerusalem as a sign of RESPECT

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz has made American commitment to Israel’s security a centerpiece of his campaign for president, and he’s vowing one unmistakable plan to drive the […]

Grandma knows how to throw a punch! Carjacker has a very bad day

A doped up would-be carjacker found out that hard way that you can’t judge a book by its cover. According to police, 69-year-old grandmother Frances Mach pulled […]

Krauthammer openly mocks Obama after ridiculous claim about respect; ‘you wonder what planet . . .’

Fox News contributor and conservative columnist Charles Krauthammer on Monday took apart President Obama’s claim that his administration has helped to make the United States “the most […]

Cannabis Church gets fast track tax-exempt approval: ‘Somebody at IRS loves us’

Many Americans have always suspected the Internal Revenue Service is smoking some mind-altering drugs, and approving the First Church of Cannabis Inc. as a tax-exempt church may […]