Cops accused of being racist AND Islamaphobic for shooting guy who plotted to BEHEAD them

The terrorism suspect shot to death Tuesday in Boston after lunging at a cop and a federal agent with a “military style knife” was plotting with another […]

Young boys’ touching rescue of American flag throws them into limelight

Two young boys suddenly found themselves Internet sensations after they rescued an American flag from a ditch on Memorial Day. The touching photo was snapped by a […]

Crazy video: Driver blows up car into inferno when cops approach him

Dramatic dash cam footage captured the moment a car explosion sent police flying and had a wacko flailing. Police said they were called to a gas station […]

Obama to Axelrod: I’m the ‘closest thing to a Jew’ that has ever sat in Oval Office

The first black president wants to be the first Jewish one, too? Barack Obama once told a top adviser that he believes he is “the closest thing […]

Liberal losers haven’t learned – mess with Dana Loesch and you’ll get burned

Dana Loesch, the television and radio talk show host and outspoken champion for the Second Amendment, got her message across loud and clear Tuesday when a liberal […]

CNN’s Lemon sours at Jenner argument: Will black people ‘start bleaching our skin because we don’t like being black?’

While many on the left, including President Obama, celebrated Olympic athlete Bruce Jenner‘s public declaration that he is really a she, some saw the whole affair as […]

Parody? Marie Harf is totally ‘perplexed’ when NY Times story on Iran stockpiles doesn’t fit her spin

The hapless Marie Harf was “perplexed” again. This time, the topic was a New York Times story Tuesday that reported that Iran had increased its nuclear fuel […]

Florida Five: Walker back IN Fla. primary, GOP candidate says New Yorkers will ruin Sunshine State

Five of today’s top Florida political stories at your fingertips: Walker plans big push in Florida, if he runs – Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker said Tuesday he plans […]

Big Brother government a poorly run business

Are you dismayed by the actions of the federal government? Try viewing Uncle Sam as a business, and you’d quickly conclude it’s a poorly run operation. Government […]

WH says airport security’s 95 percent failure rate doesn’t bother Obama one bit

Those overpaid louts sporting Transportation Security Administration uniforms at the nation’s airports are incapable of finding simulated bombs, weapons and other contraband in internal tests, but President […]

Chaos reigns after schools spend millions on ‘white privilege’ training, remove discipline

The price of white privilege is rather expensive. Teaching it that is. The St. Paul, Minn., school district has been paying the Pacific Educational Group of San […]

Filmmaker exposes Sharia support in US streets; ‘I’m a Muslim, I prefer Sharia’

Filmmaker Ami Horowitz, known for exposing radical Islam and its sympathizers here in the United States, unveiled some shocking revelations when he took to the streets of […]