Gay honeymoon’s over: Supremes’ other ruling this week puts damper on SCOTUS love-fest

Liberals who were planning a victory lap after the Supreme Court rulings last week for Obamacare and same sex marriage just ran into a brick wall. The […]

Video evidence in Freddie Gray case could blow it wide open: ‘Judge almost has to dismiss’

This could be the break the Baltimore cops were looking for. The mound of evidence prosecutors in the Freddie Gray turned over to defense attorneys  includes a […]

‘Civilization is still standing’: Liberal media mocks conservatives, misses pretty important point

Less than 72 hours after the United States Supreme Court voted to overturn thousands of years of Western culture by declaring homosexual marriage is a fundamental human […]

BAM! Fred Thompson throws Obama ‘distorted impression’ of Muslims theory in his face

Former Sen. Fred Thompson on Monday took a biting, bull’s eye shot back at President Obama for his statement last week at a Ramadan dinner that some […]

Activists plan American flag-burning event as country prepares for 4th of July

A group that pretends disarming the New York’s police would somehow make the city safer is planning to burn American flags in a city park Wednesday as […]

No proof required! Supreme Court makes it easy for illegals to sign up to vote

The Supreme Court on Monday effectively upheld a lower court’s ruling that potential voters do not have to provide proof of citizenship when registering to vote with […]

President’s gig as travel agent ignites shock and scorn; ‘Did we pay for this?’

President Obama’s private army at Organizing for Action is pushing a trip to the president’s home state as its latest fundraising ploy, and it’s getting some help […]

NY Times prints pope made of condoms art – wouldn’t touch Muhammad cartoon

The New York Times was caught in an obvious double-standard of what art it considers “fit to print” when it featured a portrait Tuesday of Pope Benedict […]

Donald Trump piñatas fly off shelves in Mexico; who didn’t see that coming?

Business tycoon Donald Trump sparked the creative-entrepreneurial spirit in at least one Mexican national who is fighting mad over the billionaire’s controversial statements regarding illegal immigration. Hence, […]

City council votes not to allow ‘in God we trust’ in chambers; God had other plans

The Lord works in mysterious ways. Less than two months after the city council of Venice, Fla., turned down a resident’s request to display a plaque bearing […]

Heated Confederate flag demonstrators nearly come to blows at SC State House; end up PRAYING together

Dueling demonstrations over the Confederate flag led to some tense moments, scuffles and at lease on arrest Monday night outside the South Carolina State House in Columbia. […]

Dysfunctional Greece dances on the cliff edge

There are few global civilized political systems more screwed up than Greece. If the Greeks prefer their system, that’s their business to continue wallowing in dysfunction. That […]