Young boy sneaks into, starts up helicopter at air show, injuring two

A scary incident involving a curious youngster and a helicopter can be chalked up to “boys will boys” – if that saying is even allowed anymore.

The boy, estimated by witnesses to be about 6 years old, injured two spectators on Saturday when he accidentally started a Mayo Clinic helicopter at Minnesota’s Mankato Air Show.

“This kid started it up, and the propeller started spinning,” Agro Gushwa, 15, told the Star Tribune. “The door was open… and he just walked in.”

Witnesses said the child seemed upset and “was crying really bad.”

Gushwa told the Tribune that a member of Mayo’s aviation team “ran over and got [the boy] out,” before shutting down the helicopter.

The boy reportedly ran to his father who hugged and reassured him that everything was going to be OK.

Mayo released a statement saying the rotor blades knocked over a large sun shield, slightly injuring two people on the tarmac.

There is no indication how the young boy was able start the Eurocopter EC145, twin-engine copter that can carry up to 11 passengers including crew members.

Mayo said it’s conducting its own investigation into the incident.

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