President’s gig as travel agent ignites shock and scorn; ‘Did we pay for this?’

President Obama’s private army at Organizing for Action is pushing a trip to the president’s home state as its latest fundraising ploy, and it’s getting some help from Obama himself.

But the commander in chief role as travel agent in chief isn’t sitting well.

The OFA’s latest big idea for fundraising is a raffle with a grand prize of a trip for two in the Aloha State. (Where, besides playing golf, people apparently do nothing but talk about “climate change” when they’re not making plans to marry their gay lovers.)

Obama’s shameless shilling was more than enough to set critics off.  

It might be understandable that the president himself might need a break on the golf course after being so busy decorating the White House with rainbow lights and watching his negotiating team get bamboozled over nuclear bombs by Iranian rug merchants.

But hawking vacations in the Aloha State should be beneath even his presidential dignity.

And Twitter users let him know it.

This one sums it up pretty well.

We did.

And we’re going to be paying for it for generations to come.


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