Gay honeymoon’s over: Supremes’ other ruling this week puts damper on SCOTUS love-fest

Liberals who were planning a victory lap after the Supreme Court rulings last week for Obamacare and same sex marriage just ran into a brick wall.

The court ruled 5-4 Monday that the oligarchs at the Environmental Protection Agency did not take costs into account when regulating emissions from coal and oil-field plants, the Associated Press reported.

The challenge to the regulations was brought by industry groups and 21 states, led by Republicans, that contended the EPA regulations would be too expensive for consumers, miners and businesses.

The decision represented a sharp curb on the growing power administrative state that’s been a hallmark of the Obama years.

House Speaker John Boehner praised the decision as a job saver.

He said the decision will “protect the jobs and energy that are still at risk under this administration,” the AP reported.

The EPA was let down by the decision, but found a bright side: The damage has already been done.

“EPA is disappointed that the Supreme Court did not uphold the rule, but this rule was issued more than three years ago, investments have been made and most plants are already well on their way to compliance,” agency spokeswoman Melissa Harrison said.

Liberals crushed by the decision sounded as bitter as jilted lovers.

And somehow it’s Bush’s fault.

But conservatives celebrated finally getting a good ruling from the court.

Carmine Sabia

Carmine Sabia Jr started his own professional wrestling business at age 18 and went on to become a real estate investor. Currently he is a pundit who covers political news and current events.
Carmine Sabia


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