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Harris-Perry miffed at Obama for picking on transgender, illegal alien, black heckler – in HIS house

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MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry is known for venting her spleen at conservatives, but now she’s furious at President Obama.

Harris-Perry was incensed Sunday that Obama shut down a heckler at the White House Wednesday night by saying “this is my house” because said heckler is a black, transgender man who dresses as a woman, and an an illegal alien to boot. A veritable hodgepodge of liberal victim groups rolled into one.

“You heard the cheers from the crowd there, but I do want to remind folks that the president was calling out a transgender, undocumented woman of color and it actually isn’t his house,” she said. “It’s actually the people’s house. And I’m down for talking tough but I don’t know, to the most marginalized person in the room, how tough that feels to me.”

She said the crowd cheered because they were happy to see Obama finally “fight back.”

“That’s not the person I want you fight back against!” she said.

Translation: If Obama had said the same thing to a white, straight, male American citizen, Harris-Perry would be leading a parade in Obama’s honor.

Carmine Sabia


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