Bob Beckel sends public message about Fox boss Roger Ailes after falling out with network

The saga of portly liberal Bob Beckel‘s split from Fox continues to send out mixed signals, with Beckel publicly praising Roger Ailes, the boss of the network that let him go last week.

Beckel, of course, is the former co-host for “The Five” who often played the liberal foil for his four co-panelists. He has not been on the show since February, when he disappeared with the official explanation of having surgery done on his back. It later turned out that he was in a drug rehab for addiction to prescription pain killers.

On Thursday came word that he’d been let go, and pretty publicly, with FOX News’ executive vice president of programming Bill Shine putting the blame squarely on Beckel.

“We tried to work it out with Bob for months, but we couldn’t hold ‘The Five’ hostage to one man’s personal issues,” Shine told TVNewser.

So, Beckel’s praise for Ailes is worth noting. Ailes, the chairman and CEO of Fox News,  is Shine’s boss.

And Beckel’s unlikely fan base — conservatives who watch Fox but can still be comfortable with a guy they disagree with — were there to respond, and support him (for the most part).

Good wishes aside, conservatives are practical people. And many praised Beckel for a smart career move with the tweet.

Always good advice.    


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