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OOPS! CNN reporter mistakes flag depicting sex toys for ‘ISIS flag’ — at a gay pride parade!

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CNN ended up with egg on its face Saturday when one of its editors mistook a banner depicting all sorts of sex toys at a London gay pride parade for an Islamic State flag.

CNN International assignment editor Lucy Pawle reported that she came across “a clear attempt to mimic” the distinctive black and white flag as she was leaving work, and took a few snapshots of it that were displayed during her report.

Just as disturbing was that no one seemed to be aware of the frightening flag but her.

Had the world gone mad?

As she made her on-air report, a banner stretched across the screen reading, “Just in: ISIS flag spotted at gay pride parade.”

“ISIS flag amongst a sea of rainbow colors was spotted by a CNN international assignment editor,” CNN’s anchor said, as she brought in Pawle and CNN national security analyst Peter Bergen.

“I’m just leaving work and I came across the gay pride march,” Pawle reported.

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“All of a sudden this man, who was quite distinctive from the rest of the crowd — he was dressed in black and white,” she said, “was waving what appeared to be … the ISIS flag.”

“If you look at the flag closely, it’s clearly not Arabic. In fact it could be gobbledy-gook,” Pawle said.

Apparently she didn’t look closely enough — but a CNN viewer did, and tweeted:

Other viewers joined in and tweeted:

CNN removed the video from its website, however the headline, “Woman says she spotted ‘ISIS’ flag at gay pride parade,” is still listed.


H/T: The Daily Caller


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