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ISIS puts a murderous spin on libs’ #LoveWins celebration; and the left is afraid of Christians?

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American liberals who think conservative Christians are their enemy should have gotten a wake-up call from a new video released by the Islamic State Friday, depicting the execution of four men who were pitched off the roof of a five-story building for the crime of being gay.

And using the hashtag #LoveWins to drive the point home.

That’s the hashtag progressive groups used throughout the world for Twitter postings celebrating the U.S. Supreme Court’s 5-4 decision announcing a previously undiscovered constitutional “right” to marriage.

The Syrian-based Twitter account @Raqqu_SI, which reports on and campaigns against acts of violence committed by the Islamic State and Syria’s Assad regime, tweeted Friday:

A follow-up tweet included video footage of the executions, which YouTube deleted due to its content.

Hundreds gathered to watch from below as, one-by-one, the terrorists led the men to the edge and threw them to their deaths, according to the Daily Mirror.

Although no screams could be heard from the men, gasps from the witnesses were clearly audible.

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A number of gay men have been executed by Islamic State members in the past, including one earlier this month.

The video is no longer available, but the following photos were taken of the executions.

A man is held by terrorists before being flung to his death
Source: Daily Mirror
The throng watches from below
Source: Daily Mirror


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