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At 88 years old, she fought the law — and the law won

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These cops really went to the wrong house.

Officers responding to a report of a disturbance by someone with a baseball bat found themselves Thursday face to face with a different kind of disturbance when they knocked on a door in to find an 88-year-woman in Pittsfield, Mass., none too happy to have police at her door, according to .the Berkshire (Mass.) Eagle.

When they said they were there because a crime had been reported, Phylllis Stankiewicz was even more unhappy, the Eagle reported.

According to the Eagle:

When Stankiewicz came to the door, police said, she was carrying a knife in one hand, which was pointing toward one officer, at “waist level.” Stankiewicz appeared, “angry and confused,” and she was yelling, “There’s no crime here! Get out of my house!,” according to a police report.

One officer said Stankiewicz kept approaching them with the knife until she, “was just about sticking it into my stomach.”

An officer grabbed the knife and Stankiewicz allegedly tried to push her way past police and continued to push them in the chest while they tried to calm her down.

Police said Stankiewicz was warned not to put her hands on them before she slapped one of them on the left side of his face, resulting in her arrest.

Now, nobody should be wielding knives when they’re dealing with cops – much less slapping them – but it turns out the cops shouldn’t have been knocking on the octogenerarian’s door in the first place.

After Stankiewicz was arrested, the officers found the house they were originally looking for was actually a block away – same house number, different street name.

She was released after being booked. On Friday, she pleaded not guilty in Central Berkshire District Court to one count of assault and battery on a police officer, the Eagle reported.



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