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CNN host: Bobby Jindal wants immigrants to ‘act like every other white person in America’

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Bobby Jindal is just too “white” for some people — even though he’s the son of Indian immigrants.

They don’t have a candidate of color, but people on the left still can’t stop using the race card. Jindal, governor of Louisiana and a Republican presidential candidate, is just the latest victim.

CNN’s Sara Murray summed up Jindal’s speech declaring his candidacy by saying he appeals to a Republican base that wants immigrants to “act white.”

“Bobby Jindal does inject some diversity into the GOP field, but that’s not the area of voters he’s trying to appeal to right now,” she said.

Murray ridiculed the portion of Jindal’s speech where he said that Americans should not be hyphenated and that immigrants should better assimilate into society.

“That is a pitch to the core of the Republican Party,” she said. “To the folks that think that if you come to America you should immediately speak English and you should act like every other white person in America.”

If a CNN analyst ever dared say President Barack Obama “acted white,” his job would go the way of the Confederate flag.

But when it comes to attacking a conservative, all bets are off on the “progressive” news station.

Carmine Sabia


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