Bob Beckel responds to Fox News’ blunt statement about booting him

Fox News fans were surprised to find out on Thursday that Bob Beckel, co-host of the network’s hit show “The Five,” had been fired – and it turns out Beckel was just as stunned.

Beckel had been a long-time, regular commentator on the network news giant. His liberal perspective would often draw the ire of right-leaning viewers, but his gruff, down-to-earth personality won many of them over.

On Thursday, Fox released a statement saying in short, “We tried to work it out with Bob for months, but we couldn’t hold ‘The Five’ hostage to one man’s personal issues.”

Beckel’s troubled past with substance abuse was no secret. After he had an extended absence from the network after undergoing back surgery, reports surfaced in April that he was once again dealing with those personal demons.

Fox News viewers and Beckel fans expressed a wide range of reactions about Beckel’s firing. And many tried to cheer Beckel up as he took to Twitter to vent his disbelief.

Not everyone was feeling so sentimental about Beckel, though:

But a few of his former coworkers said they were going to miss him:

In the end, most agreed with Beckel, telling him his future is in God’s hands:

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