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Quick-shooting Domino’s driver DEFIED ban on carrying a gun — It might have saved his life

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A Domino’s Pizza delivery driver’s decision to ignore his employer’s ban on lawful concealed carry may have saved his life.

Slayde Henry was returning from a few late-night deliveries when two armed men in ski masks approached him and attempted to rob him outside the restaurant in Hollywood, Fla.

That’s when Henry pulled his own gun and opened fire on the men, killing one of them, NBC Miami reported on Wednesday. The second man fled the scene, and remains on the loose.

Domino’s, which has a history of taking disciplinary action against employees who violate the company’s concealed weapons ban, told NBC Miami it is cooperating with authorities, but would not comment on the fate of the driver’s job.

While Henry’s employer might not approve of his armed self-defense, the community seemed supportive of his decision.

“It’s horrible. He’s out here making an honest buck, and someone tries to rob him,”one area resident and former delivery driver told NBC. “Fortunately he was strapped. He was ready to go.”

The pizza chain, which has been under fire from Second Amendment advocates for its strict no-gun policy, was recently pressured to allow a delivery driver in Arkansas to keep her job after she used a concealed weapon to fend off a group of attackers.

That decision was made after another driver in Texas was shot to death during an attempted robbery.

The situation in Florida demonstrates that when law-abiding citizens choose to defend themselves, job conditions become increasingly dangerous for the would-be criminals, not the employees.

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Michael Schaus


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