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Friend defends violent felon who shot detective: ‘He ain’t do no wrong – he just shot a cop’

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The friend of a convicted felon who shot a Milwaukee police detective is defending his reputation to the media, claiming the man did nothing wrong when “he just shot a cop” last week — the latest in a history of violent crimes he’s committed.

Najee Harmon was arrested after shooting a detective Friday morning when police approached him while investigating a burglary. Just days before his arrest on Saturday, Harmon was suspected of putting a gun to a woman’s head during a robbery.

His longtime friend, Stephanie King, who lived in the house where he was eventually found, defended him, telling local news station WISN that she wasn’t going to “throw him to the wolves.”

“I’m going to keep loving him because he ain’t do no wrong,” she said. “He just shot a cop.”

The 52-year-old Wauwatosa police detective was taken to the hospital and his condition is improving, according to WISN.

Police found Harmon at King’s home Saturday morning after an all-night manhunt. King said she knew Harmon was running from the law when he arrived at her home, but insisted she had done nothing wrong in keeping him from police.

“I seen him that morning [on the news],” she told reporters. “[But] I wasn’t harboring no fugitive.”

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King complained about the increase in police and media attention since the shooting.

“Everybody comes around when they shoot a cop,” she said. “But when the cop shoots people do they come around?”

Despite King’s insistence that Harmon has done nothing wrong, WISN reported that he already has a history of violent crimes. The convicted felon now faces a slew of charges connected to the shooting of the detective, as well as the earlier armed robbery.

Of course, he didn’t “do no wrong.” All he did was shoot a cop.

Michael Schaus


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